Low-Residency MFA

There seem to be a fair number of these.  In a recent issue of Poets and Writers (July/August), there are ads for a number of schools including some low-residency programs. Fairleigh Dickinson University which boasts some interesting visitng writers. The Rainier Writing Workshop has a lists of prizes and big publications that their graduates have had such as the Atlantic Monthly, Paris Review, Georgia Review, and Gettysburg Review. Warren Wilson has an ad for an anthology of essays on craft by their faculty. Converse College says it has an award winning faculty and of more interest to me, workshops with NY agents and editors. University of Nebraska’s program leads its ad with the idea of a strong community of writers. Antioch University’s low-residency MFA now has a specialization in young adult literature. Goddard College boasts that it was the first low residency program and is still the best. Bennington Writing Seminars  says it has partial scholarships and has been named one of the top three low-residency programs by Poets & Writers. Spalding’s MFA program has a brief-residency instead of low-residency which translates into a 10-day residency at the beginning of each semester in Louisville or abroad. Pacific MFA has Bonnie Jo Campbell, National Book Award finalist, on their faculty.  Vermont College of Fine Arts, New England College, University of Southern Maine, Oklahoma City University, and University of California, Riverside also have ads in this issue.

Low-residency programs seem to be growing and if you like to travel or take classes on-line, these programs might be an option.  Mary


About marystojak

Mary Stojak has published numerous short stories, her latest will be published September 28th in Mystery Weekly.
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