Sewanee Conference

I’m back home again. The conference lasts about two weeks if you include travel time. The workshop there was great. I have a novel that is pretty far along and I received some interesting comments from my teachers and friends in my workshop. Margo Livesey was my primary reader and I can’t believe my luck! I knew that she’d used multiple points of view in House on Fortune Street as I do in my book but I didn’t know she’d also written a book about ghosts! Mine are more of a metaphor in my book to demonstrate how long a family has lived on their farm but she did have some helpful ideas which should significantly reduce how long it will take me to finish (at least I hope so!)

For those of you thinking about applying next year, it’s a very good deal. The published writers are very friendly and I also have a bunch of new writing friends! The conference takes place on a very beautiful mountain in Tennessee which alone, makes the trip worthwhile. Well, have to get back into my routine! Back to my second workshop tomorrow.  M


About marystojak

Mary Stojak has published numerous short stories, her latest will be published September 28th in Mystery Weekly.
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