Vanity Fair Article About Book Publication

Ran across a blog post via Publishers Weekly that had an interesting topic for those of us who haven’t published a book yet. The link is:’s+PW+Daily&utm_campaign=1293129309-UA-15906914-1&utm_medium=email

Kind of long, huh? Anyway, thought people might want to know the source if they hear about the Vanity Fair article that has been expanded. The e-book is probably not going to be “helpful” in getting a book published because the turning point for the author is that the agent who accepts the book coincidentally had baseball aspirations at one time and the book is about a baseball player. The message I guess, is to keep sending out your queries until you find the right agent! I did find the first chapter to be a bit sexist – sounded like one of those people who thinks that only guys can write about guys, women about women. Well, actually it was really sexist which kind of takes away from the authority of the e-book for me and a quick read thru didn’t reveal anything different from stories I’d already heard. Anyway, the blog post is free at the above site and the e-book is $1.99 from Kindle.


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Mary Stojak has published numerous short stories, her latest will be published September 28th in Mystery Weekly.
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