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Daniel Jose Older – Salsa Nocturna Stories

Readers ask where we get our ideas. I’ve told some about how a whole book was driven by a poor lady I first met in a low security mental hospital in Hastings, Minnesota many years ago and later, updated by a … Continue reading

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Conferences are a great way to figure out where your writing stands in the scheme of things. They’re also a way to add to your list of writing friends and find a agent for your next project. I’m one of … Continue reading

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SCBWI Post Conference

The SCBWI regional conference in Frederick, MD this past weekend was fabulous. Congratulations to Edie and Lois!  I’ve never seen such a great line-up outside of a national conference! Had a critique session with agent Molly Jaffa which was great, … Continue reading

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Chill Time

The beach is a great place to just relax. I’m pretty good at turning off thoughts about my day job these days but life is always interrupting our creative lives too. And then I have been reading more on line lately … Continue reading

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So we read, but do we write?

I woke up early (whoops not supposed to start with waking up!), I made coffee and looked out the window at the woods – birds making their racket or cheerful songs depending on your mood, I turned on my computer. … Continue reading

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What’s the one thing that makes everybody a better writer?

It’s not a trick question!  The first book I remember reading had stories about Little Red Hen and the later boycotted Little Black Sambo. Grimm’s fairy tales gave me nightmares for many years.  The first book I checked out of … Continue reading

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Going Back to Graduate School

If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I received my MA in fiction from Johns Hopkins University in 2007. Having some distance has given me some perspective as well as helped me understand that writing programs have a hard … Continue reading

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Ready to Send Your Book to an Agent?

I did have an agent once before I went back to school to get my Masters at Johns Hopkins. If you go back to the beginning of this blog, I talked about how I took non-credit writing courses first and ended … Continue reading

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Vanity Fair Article About Book Publication

Ran across a blog post via Publishers Weekly that had an interesting topic for those of us who haven’t published a book yet. The link is:’s+PW+Daily&utm_campaign=1293129309-UA-15906914-1&utm_medium=email Kind of long, huh? Anyway, thought people might want to know the source if they hear … Continue reading

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New Book Topics

I’ve been playing with an idea for a futuristic novel because I’ve been reading Ms. Atwood lately. That’s how my book ideas usually start. Once I have an interesting idea the process is like that ad on TV about those mops that attract dirt! … Continue reading

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