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Ready to Send Your Book to an Agent?

I did have an agent once before I went back to school to get my Masters at Johns Hopkins. If you go back to the beginning of this blog, I talked about how I took non-credit writing courses first and ended … Continue reading

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Vanity Fair Article About Book Publication

Ran across a blog post via Publishers Weekly that had an interesting topic for those of us who haven’t published a book yet. The link is:’s+PW+Daily&utm_campaign=1293129309-UA-15906914-1&utm_medium=email Kind of long, huh? Anyway, thought people might want to know the source if they hear … Continue reading

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New Book Topics

I’ve been playing with an idea for a futuristic novel because I’ve been reading Ms. Atwood lately. That’s how my book ideas usually start. Once I have an interesting idea the process is like that ad on TV about those mops that attract dirt! … Continue reading

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A Workshop in Italy

For the summer of 2006, Hopkins decided to offer some workshops in Florence, Italy where the school owned a property, Villa Spelman.  The trip was too good to pass up even though I knew it would put undue stress on my … Continue reading

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No Tension?

The student who said there was no tension had been referring to a scene where my character’s grandpa explained why his wife had left him, an important set-up for something that happens later in the book. All of the information … Continue reading

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Poets and Writers Mag – MFA Nation

If you’re looking at writing schools, you won’t want to miss the September/October issue of PW. The magazine’s theme this month is MFA Nation and they rank the schools in this issue. This year, they also discuss not enrolling in an MFA and note writers who have been successful … Continue reading

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Catching up on Sewanee!

Things been humming here so I’m a bit behind. Fellows readings are always great. The day started that way yesterday and today – but an hour earlier today since there was such a busy schedule. Unfortunately, I missed todays because … Continue reading

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