Sewanee Writers Conference

The drive from Maryland is a long one. You have to drive down Interstate 81 for something like 391 miles and there are miles to drive to get out of Maryland and over through northern Virginia and at least 200 miles until you get to Sewanee University. The highway runs down a path between the mountains on the left and right at times and suddenly climbs to higher elevations where fog suddenly appears. I’m all in favor of road trips for all those little ideas that you might be able to use in a story some time. There were mentions of Johnny Appleseed in Virginia which I promise myself that I will research at some point in time and later in Tennessee, there’s actually a reference to Davy Crockett.

 The trucks on this road are a lot more polite than I’m used to in the “get out of my face” state of Maryland where driving almost always includes near death experiences. I tried to drive at a reasonable speed but not too slow. Expedia had said the trip would take 10+hours but Google seemed to think 12 hours was a more reasonable estimate.

I had timed it pretty well I thought with congratulatory pats on the back, pulling into the parking lot to register at 4:30 when they asked us to be there by 4:45. It did take me the 10+ instead of the 12 hours. All for nought, I cursed my weariness (as good an excuse as any) , I was now in Central Standard time instead of Eastern time so it was really 3:30! Ha!

Dorms are deliciously air conditioned and the Indian dinner was very good too. Already made new friends and the dessert of the evening was a reading by Jill McCorkle of a book that is nearing completion. So incredibly funny and read wondrously well. The material is about characters in a nursing home – not a bad idea for folks looking for character sketch ideas. Quite enjoyable. I’ve never heard her read before -quite a treat. Have to read excerpts for tomorrow’s workshop – later… Mary


About marystojak

Mary Stojak has published numerous short stories, her latest will be published September 28th in Mystery Weekly.
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